4 Things to Do After a Truck Accident

4 things to do after a truck accident

Being involved in an accident with another car is terrifying, overwhelming, and at times, life-threatening. When you get into an accident with a huge truck, it is all of these amplified.

If you are involved in a collision with a truck and have sustained injuries, contact a truck accident lawyer in Calgary as soon as you can. Below are four pieces of advice to help make sure you are protected.

#1 Call the Appropriate Authorities Immediately

You are likely in panic mode and unable to think straight after getting into a collision. This is normal and part of the reason we have police officers ready to help in situations like these. Make sure to call the police as soon as possible to get the help you need and so that they can document the collision. To file an accident claim, you will require a police report comprised of as many details about the accident as possible, including witness statements.

#2 Seek Urgent Medical Treatment

When you get into a collision, you may appear physically fine at first. Not all injuries are immediately evident. Things such as whiplash and muscle strain may take a few days to show up. Declining any medical treatment that is available immediately after a collision should never be done, and it raises suspicion with insurance companies, who may use your refusal of treatment as ammunition to delay or deny your claim.

#3 Identify All Parties Involved

Trucking lawyers in Calgary are familiar with the fact that trucking companies frequently use independent contractors as their drivers. There are multiple layers of liability in situations like these, so you must get every possible identifying piece of the truck at the collision scene. Some of these details may include:

  • Anything loaded in the truck at the time of the accident
  • The Safety Fitness Certificate Number issued by the Government of Canada
  • The name of the company written on the truck
  • The license plate number

On top of this, you should be sure to exchange any relevant information with the parties involved in the accident. Make sure to obtain contact information for the drivers of all vehicles involved and snap a picture of their photo IDs if possible.

#4 Document the Details of the Accident

Although the police will be writing their report of the incident, make sure not to rely solely on their documentation. The details of the police report will differ from what trucking lawyers near you may need. Make sure to take pictures of all vehicles involved in the accident, as well as of any wreckage scattered on the road or tire marks made on the cement.

When you give your statement to the police, make sure to speak carefully, as anything you say can be held against you when seeking injury compensation. If you are unsure about some details or do not feel you can recall them accurately, it is best not to guess the answer. Remember that you are not required to speak to an insurance company on demand, so make sure to contact a lawyer near you before doing so.

Speak to a Truck Crash Lawyer Near You

At Grover Law Firm, we understand that any loss suffered due to a truck collision can be significant. Our lawyers are here to help you get the compensation and help that you need. We are here to advocate for you and your needs. If you are seeking injury compensation, please contact our office today.