Some Predictable Things About Truck Accident Collisions

some predictable things about truck accident collisions

Major causes of commercial truck accidents have been well-documented. One of the top causes of a collision involved an issue with the truck’s braking system. A truck accident lawyer in Calgary is likely to investigate this cause first when attempting to determine the liability of the driver, company, or another vehicle. There is a big difference between braking defects and the misuse of brakes in determining liability in collisions. The complex nature of truck collisions requires the attention of a skilled truck crash lawyer near you.

Vehicle Maintenance and Truck Brakes

In commercial trucks, an air braking system is used to engage the spring brakes when the truck is parked, but an engine brake is used in most highway conditions. An engine brake is meant to be used if extended braking is required for any reason. If a driver fails to engage the engine brake properly, they can wear out the brake drums.

Contributing factors to an accident involving a commercial truck may include:

  • Neglecting regular maintenance on truck brakes
  • Maintaining an unsafe following distance
  • Leaking air brakes
  • Overheated drum brakes from improper use
  • Improper manual adjustment of brakes

Maintaining a Safe Following Distance

Fast traveling vehicles must maintain a long following distance. Commercial trucks take a much longer time to stop than smaller cars. They require at least 500 feet or more to stop when traveling at a speed of 88 kilometers per hour.

Driver Fatigue

Another major reason for truck collisions on highways is driver fatigue. Various things can cause driver fatigue, and trucking lawyers in Calgary can determine if conditions contributing to driver fatigue exist. This investigation may include an inspection of the scene of the collision, driver logs, and police reports.

Poor Weather and Other Contributing Factors

External factors can also play a role in truck collisions. Driver fatigue combined with poor weather conditions and heavy traffic can create a dangerous situation. A company may also pressure its drivers to break the rules to boost profit or efficacy.

Other situations that may contribute to a truck collision are drivers under the influence of prescription medications, drivers on an unfamiliar route, or drivers who are feeling unwell.

Determining Liability

Liability is understood in terms of responsibility and is ultimately determined through the legal system. The process for determining liability often takes a long time because the responsibilities of the drivers, company, and manufacturers can overlap. Trucking companies often hire their own lawyers to minimize any claims made against them for an accident. Truck drivers and the company may be found liable for portions of the accident. Each collision is evaluated on a case-by-case basis, and this is why truck accident lawyers can be so helpful.

Dodging Liability

Trucking companies can attempt to dodge any liability by trying to shift blame and deflect any responsibility. Managers of trucking companies often push their workers beyond their physical limits, resulting in collisions, which is dangerous for everyone involved. Grover Law Firm assists individuals suffering from pain as a result of a truck collision.

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