Alisar Charanek

Alisar joined Grover Law Firm in May of 2018 for practicum as a requirement to complete herSAIT Legal Assistant Diploma.Following the completion of herPracticum, she was hired with the firm as a Pre-Litigation Legal Assistant. During her time here, Alisar has gained different skills and knowledge pertaining to personal injury claims, which has allowed her to excel in the firm and her position.

She is now a Pre-Litigation Coordinator at Grover Law Firm.Prior to attending SAIT, Alisar attendedMount RoyalUniversity open studies to help determine her career path.She decided to enroll in the Legal Assistant program at SAIT. Alisar worked during her time at SAIT in the Customer Service Industry as an office admin, which benefited her as she gained skills and experience that could be implemented in the legal field.